Leading Datasite Competitors

Datasite Diligence is one of the best business software solutions, which guarantees easy operation, quick due diligence evaluation and reliable information security at work. However, there are many worthy Datasite competitors that are almost as good as the well-known platform in terms of functionality and capabilities. Take a look at our list and see who is included in our rating of the best alternatives to the well-known platform.

An overview of the best free virtual data rooms

If you are searching for a proper substitute for the well-known software for your company, you are advised not to be in a hurry and to scrutinize the possibilities of various platforms available on the market. There is no point in studying absolutely all offers from software companies. We offer a brief overview of the best virtual data rooms according to user ratings for 2021. this year’s ranking includes:


An excellent choice for companies with different scales of activity. Users note the user-friendliness of the platform, the high responsiveness of the tools, and the wide range of options for working with documents in storage. The size of the cloud storage allows you to store a virtually unlimited number of files, and you can choose the most convenient format to store them. The platform’s advantages also include easy setup and maintenance, and a responsive support team. Before making a purchase, you can try out a free trial version which will help you evaluate the functionality of the platform.


The easiest and most affordable platform to create a virtual data room. Its options allow you to create a corporate workspace in just a few minutes. You can provide access to the company’s employees as well as to freelancers. Not only multistage authentication but also monitoring of each user’s actions is provided to ensure security during work. The only drawback is that there is no free trial period, but the plans are very flexible.


Another noteworthy virtual data room platform. Compared to its previous counterparts, this software features a sophisticated architecture that does not affect usability but provides better data protection. The interface is equipped with many useful options and features that do not require special knowledge from users. Benefits also include the ability to work from virtually any user device.


According to users, this is the best platform for running merger and acquisition projects. The interface of the virtual data room is focused on working with a lot of information, while it is simple and straightforward even for the most inexperienced users. The platform makes it possible to carry out document checks as quickly as possible. The cost of the virtual data room is also attractive.


A worthy choice for small to medium-sized companies. Ideal for novice users, as it has clear functionality and the necessary minimum of basic options for work. Focuses on working with files in the cloud, but some users have noted delays when scaling projects automatically. Gives the ability to export file documents to cloud storage without prepping or changing the internal storage structure.